Salaam Alaikum,

A very close and dear friend of mine [Aman Hassan] wrote a wonderful song for me a while ago. And I decided to share one of his work.

The being that gives you hope every day... Standing between the Sun and its rays to protect you from the heat... Then she gives out her hand and tells you " Get up please"... She may smile, she may fight but just cause she has that right... Just cause she has the right...
Pulled me up from the ashes of darkness,gave me a smile when I needed, every time that I complain she tells me "Oh that's not needed" she reminds me of power, she reminds me of strength, she reminds me of laughter, and she reminds me of beauty, she reminds me of nature and that life is not a game...
Standing out from the crowd telling her own story, knowing that people may give her a strange look but then again it's her own outlook.... She has been a dear friend oh she is around for a while and today when I feel like telling her that everything is alright...She gives me that smile and tells
me everything is ok but nothing is alright... Nothing is alright... She stands out from the crowd, she is the symbol of confidence she simply has no doubts
she is the meaning of inner strength she is the one that portrays light... when she gives her support to me it just brings out a whole new meaning in life...
Oh come on! Lets praise her for the friendship that she gives out!
Come on lets respect her as she simply has no doubts!
Come on lets believe in her because she once believed in us!
And today when she isn't alright I know that she won't give up the inner
fight(Guitar Solo)
She won't give up the inner fight... Oh beautiful stranger you came in to
my life...
Oh beautiful stranger you told me how to survive...
Ohhhh beautiful stranger when I was so down you pulled me up from above
the ground.... Today I see what she means I am better off than many folks
around me...
People out there that struggle and suffer and have no mothers, brothers, or sisters or anyone to look up to but I do oh I have it all
(Guitar Solo 2).
Then my little pains seem to dissolve but she has shown me all of this and once again made me realize all this, I had been living in ignorance for a while... But then she showed me the light....
Beautiful stranger you deserve the best than most of the people around you!
Beautiful stranger you have the strength to carry on, oh Beautiful Stranger
you have always smiled in the worst of times, oh Beautiful stranger you have been so kind!
Beautiful stranger... You are no stranger anymore, your pains are something that I cannot ignore, and I can be sure that you... You have and will been a huge part in all of our lives.......
Written By: Aman Hassan

Dedicated to one of my best buddies Iya who always gave us a
smile on our face,who always taught us a valuable lesson that no matter what the
pain always keep smiling,try to keep moving forward, and never complain...Today
when she doesn't feel that great it's the least I can do for her.

Wa Alaikum Salaam