Salaam Alaikum,
These are the things that happen when two people have no life and go online and cause havoc.

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All Terrorists are Muslims but not All Muslims are
Terrorists. My name causes National Security alerts. What does yours


It was supposed to be a twisted meaning thing, like: All Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholics OR All rectangles are sqaures but squares are not rectangles.
I am sorry if it somehow triggered your cerebellum to react in such a way to send messages to your fingers to the keyboard to write your concerns in the form of mail over the shining box which is the internet. Waiteth, didst ye locketh the topic or didst I? Well, I have lockethed some topics because they were getting offeth topic and dissentuating into a new conversation. I express my utter-most sorrow if ye old comment hath been misinterpreted, it's a very common but rareth twisted phrase that hast two contrary possessed meanings. Let's see what happens, but, if for some reason, it turns into a more unknown but knowneth and comprehendable meaning through a person's thought-processing center, then it will be possible to deleteth, yet, misunderstandable. Thank you for your concern. This phrase is supposed to be discussable, yet undiscussable because it hath a two-dimensional meaning. We have traced this quote through a pre-Neitchian society through a jejune circular relationship interpretation of forms. Thanks, stay safe, don't be an usurper, and take care. Jazak'ALLAH Khair. May you have lovely sheets of Egyptian cotton.
Allah Hafiz,
-Mujahid E Musafir and Hannah Montana

Sorry for locking the thread. I felt the thread was going a bit off topic, I should've given a warning before locking it, therefore, I ask for your pardon. This evening we began to understand the more pre-dominant society of the organization of forums and their moderating powers. Therefore, my concern is that forums were created, so we need to understand what the internet was like at that time. Some of the events you will have heard about, but there will be others that are unfamiliar to you. As you read, make two lists of the events: 1.) Stuff that is Terrific and 2.) Stuff that is Scary.
Some of these events will be up to interpretation and you are allowed to make some judgement calls. If you think an event was Terrific, then say so. If you think something was Scary, then say so. Thank you for your attention. May you have lovely sheets of Egyptian cotton.
Jazak'ALLAH Khair and Allah Hafiz,
-Mujahid E Musafir, Hannah Montanna, and UN!

Wa Alaikum Salaam