The origin of Tukloo.

Tukloo [took-loo]: This word was first discovered by a brilliant Muslimah, Iya, during the 21st century on March 3rd 2009.The word was discovered when Iya and her tukloo friend [Ghazan] [2nd friend] started commenting back and forth on 3rd friend's picture [Mujtaba] on Facebook. Fourth friend [Annie] joined in and argued against us regarding our use of FOB spellings [nb. idyaat, hawt, shurrup]. As a result, she called Iya and 2nd friend a tukloo.

This word has since been used many times over and over by said person, Iya.Pakistanis across the global area have suggested that the etymology of the word refers to someone who may be bald, thus, the Oxford Dictionary has defined it as "a bald person. My Bhaisaab is a tukloo." as well as providing an example with a sentence.

Assimilation of Uses:
Iya, as well as 2nd said friend above have since then used it to replace our spelling of "idyaat" with "tukloo."FaceBook has announced the word to be official in statuses, recalling Iya's status on March 5th, 2009 as "Iya: You're such a tukloo. ♥."

Personal Use:
Iya, said person above, only uses the word for mere purposes of the sound of the word.In an interview with "Ankhiyon Se Gaali Maro," a world-wide news broadcasting show, she has stated "Ya3ni Bhaissab, wallahi the word is so cool dude. Like, seriously. How fun is it to say? By the way, are you a tukloo?"

In Fame's Fate:
Tukloo has become pupular globally that even President Barack Obama was caught using it in the press conferences when Lt. Gorawala spilled a glass of sharbat on the table, resulting in Obama's use of tukloo. He exclaimed "Jeez, you're such a tukloo."Scholars since then have tried to analyze and interpret the President's real intentions regarding the myth that Lt. Gorawala was in reality, a man with hair deficiency.


So, my fellow brothers and sisters, you are now free to use this word. We all should take a moment of silence to honor thisbrilliant IYA for globalizing the word and bringing life and meaning into it. JazakALLAH Khairan. Allahu 3alim.
~*.:.Mujahid E Musafir.:.*~

Wa Alaikum Salaam