Salaam Alaikum,

Every Eid, the celebration that marks the end of the month of Ramadan, my family and I celebrate our religious ceremonies with luscious food. Since it is quite significant to feast yourself down after a month of fasting, everyone takes advantages of the varietyof food to prepare and the opportunity they have to chow down whatever their heart desired. As a result, Mom and Dad would begin the grocery shopping list. On that list were chocolate, flour, butter, corn, and peanuts, chicken, fresh parsley, milk, and so on. Once the meal was prepared, hands grabbed at the dining table and ran off with the warm, steamy food in each tiny, little hand. Most importantly, it was the food that everyone was anticipating. The rooms soon begin to fill with the sweet and sensational aroma with the crunchy, yet soft cookies, pastries, and meat, simultaneously. It was very difficulty to avoid the dark and milky chocolate cakes and crispy, buttery fried chicken. Obviously, the first thing I did was pour a bottle of ketchup on top of it all. Luscious food gave us the warmth and that sensational feeling to work together as a family on one night in the kitchen. In addition to that, eating tender, and succulent food helps us to feel compassionate for each other. As a result, a high worth of respect is shown to everyone who has participated in the preparation of this grateful meal. Not only that, but also, this tradition brings together the whole community of people who perform this celebration. Though many think it is simply because of the food that everyone is here, it is just more than that. True, it is the food that brings everyone together, but it also reunites the old traditions and recipes together. Therefore, old and new recipes are put together to create a fantastic meal for everyone to enjoy.

Wa Alaikum Salaam