Salaam Alaikum,

I've been feeling very blessed lately and at ease. I don't know what I did to gain this but I can honestly say that after a long time, my heart is at ease and content with not only myself, but my surroundings, too and I've realized that blocking out each and every problem with thoughts of Allah and His Mercy has helped me a lot. I have been surrounded by people who give no damn care about Allah or His commandments. Each time I step on the prayer mat, I get yelled at to switch rooms because I am interfering with their TV time, and each and everytime that happens, I get a kick out of it. Main reason being is that I love it how I stop work each day to bow my head toward Allah in obedience yet these people are more worried about missing their show. It's too funny and I can't help but feeling at content knowing that it pisses the damn hell out of them.

I just don't get how anyone can bother to retaliate in the presence of me while I'm focusing on Allah swt, curse at me, and even go as far as refusing to get out of the way so I can pray at peace.

You know what pisses me off more? My sister. I hate how she resorts to degrading me, my morals, ignore my mere presence and treat me worse than the lowest animal. She continually harasses and abuses me verbally and her mentality and hatred toward me is so immense that I can no longer feel any remorse for her. All this enmity she has in my direction is enough to quit conversing with her. It seems as though the more I show patience, gratitude and kindness toward her, the more she treats me with sarcasm and hatred. It has been way too long and I simply cannot fathom how one human being can have such animosity for another. I have gone out of my way to talk to her, show her I will be patient and kind regardless of the situations and each and everytime, I receive the same coldest, mean and angry responses. I don't know what I did but I hope Allah swt will pay her back for every single sufferings she has caused me and if not, may He show His Mercy on her. InshaALLAH.

As of now, I no longer have any more compassion, love, or gratitude for this evil, conniving, hateful girl. Yes, I HATE her but at the same time, I will always continue to give her my hands in forgiveness and help. May she be guided to the right path, InshaAllah. Ameen.

Wa Alaikum Salaam


TehBoogieMonsterMan ^___^ said...

Hey Iya I hope things get better for you inshAllah. I shall make Du'a for you!

I'm also having a problem with the males on my contact list. Idk. I want to do it, it bugs me, but at the same time, I don't think that it's wrong to talk to them if your intentions are clear. And if anything unnecessary happens, I block and delete them. So idk. I've been trying to get out of this for a while now.

Iya said...

Hey you!
Thank you sister, I appreciate that.

You know, I was having trouble with that, too, but then realized that who needs guys when you can have Allah swt. Just send them an email explaining why you're doing what you're doing and say that you'd rather keep in contact thru e-mail. But when you're chatting with guys ALONE and UNNECESSARILY, you're allowing Shaytaan to breathe down your ears. And if those guys reply back and can't understand, then who cares?
Hope you're able to accomplish this sister. :D

rohan said...

Assalamualaikum Iya
It will be a better act to not deliberately pray in the tv room so your family thinks you are doing it just to annoy them. Their annoyance with you may also become annoyance with "those religious people". If you can pray in another room that will be better for everyone inshAllah.
In the case of your sister, be patient with her, show her love, be gentle. She is still your blood and severing a tie of kinship is an awful sin. Don't direct your hatred towards her for she is still a muslim, just at her actions and manners.
Slowly give her advice ask her if she fears allah, if she appreciates the all mighty. He who created her and gave her this easy life with abundant food and water. And then should she not show her gratitude. But don't expect immediate results, all you can do is warn. Only Allah swt can guide. And make du'a for her.
Iya, I tell you this from experience.
Keep up the good work.

Everything good I have said is by the mercy of Allah, anything evil is from myself and Shaytaan.

May Allah grant you jannah, and may he guide your sister.


Iya said...

Salaam Alaikum dear Brother,
I try my best to try to pray in different rooms but the problem is, everyone is always in those rooms. The bedrooms and family room have ACs so I'd rather pray in a cool room than sweat, but in those rooms are the ACs and TVs, the other rooms with computers, etc. The praying room is really messy as of now and too hot to pray in even with a fan. So you see, whichever room I try to pray in, I end up disturbing someone.

As for my sister, the more I try to preach her or anyone else, she interrupts me deliberately and annoys me, won't listen to what I am saying and denies everything I am trying to say which not only is extremely frustrating but a nuisance when I'm trying to spread dawah.

I am trying my best to tolerate her and with all these mixed feelings, I am still loving her not because she is my sis, but for the sake of Allah swt.

Thank you so much brother. :D
Wa Alaikum Salaam

rohan said...

Hmm, in that case rather than directly preaching, just when you are conversing normally trickle in a few things here and there, so as not to make it seem deliberate. Also now that Ramadhan is upon us you might have a better chance because people become better Muslims for this month, somewhat automatically.

Also it sounds like your sister is younger than you, am I right?


Iya said...

Salaam Alaikum,
Yes, she is younger than me but she's old enough to know what is appropriate and what isn't. And yes, that's a great advice. I'll try harder bro. :D JazakAllah Khair.

Wa Alaikum Salaam