Salaam Alaikum,

Very often I find that while conversing with human being X, whatever I say gets twisted around into something I didn't say. Pretty much, in the process, person X is unable to quote me word for word and thus, adds in a little bit of this and that and ends up putting words in my mouth. Such an act is vulgar, repulsive and even haraam because we all know that lying, misquoting, and misinforming is haram. If whatever person X is doing intentionally is to annoy or get a kick out of oneself, person X should be aware of what a grave sin it is.

Therefore, it's extremely annoying when I am talking and I say one thing, and it's as if my words go in through a pipe and come out the other in a whole different twisted combination-- a different meaning than the former.

And then there are people who make petty judgements and say things like "it's judgemental Muslims like you who give us all a bad rap--no offense (I'm trying to say this in the nicest way possible, please don't take offense). Let's all better our religion by focusing on ourselves first, and on other aspects... who cares. that's up to them, God, and their hijabi mothers to decide. you remind me of a gossipping "Aunty" as you guys call them, I think."

That entire comment is extremely judgemental and hypocritical on their part.

First of all, human being #1:
You're the one judging me by saying I judged those aunties, k? So yah, practice what you preach. I was giving an example of what I have witnessed and in fact, lived with. It'd be a shame if everything we said turned out to be a judgement. Just because you say "no offense" doesn't make something non offensive. Stop generalizing. Once again, by calling me a judgemental Muslimah without even knowing me personally, you're being judgeMENTAL yourself. Once again, by saying something offensive and then saying "I'm saying it in the nicest way as possible" doesn't make the former comment any less offensive. You're labeling me as someone who gossips, once again, you're being judgemental. To sum it all up: You're a being who WE call as someone who dishes out bakwaas to make themselves seem all religious and following the deen very well, when in fact you cannot simply follow whatever you spit out. In conclusion, WE call you a hypocrite. How about YOU go ahead and clean up your dirty attitude, practices and come back here and say whatever bakwaas you just spitted out as a MUSLIM would say... aka, stop generalizing, assuming, being offensive, being a hypocrite and most of all, judging other Muslims before you judge your own character and conduct.

Jeez, I extremely despise these judgeMENTAL, hypocritical LOSERS we call Human Beings. Yes, I know I make these petty mistakes, too, and I'm not all so innocent but when someone refers to something as "posts like yours," "People like you" and etc, they make it a personal offense, so watch out for those. It's like pointing a direct finger at the receiver at a first glance and acting like they know everything about you when in fact, they're clueless, dimwitted skulls can't even fathom the mere idea of being a "rational, kind human being." But, I love this person for the sake of Allah swt.

And it's not just one person, it's a constant thing that goes on in forums, society and daily lives.
To sum it all up, YOU SUCK AS A HUMAN BEING!

Wa Alaikum Salaam