Salaam Alaikum,

Every Ramadan, I set up so many goals for myself that by the end of Ramadan, I realize that I have yet o accomplish at least one of them. I become so excited in my own anticipations that I don't even have a set plan for myself. It's always "gotta do XYZ" but XYZ unfortunately never gets completed.

All the emotional excitement and the anxiety of fulfilling such and such deeds becomes so overwhelming and I can't figure out where to begin. There's just SO much I want to do and at this time, when Shaytan and all evil are locked away is perhaps the best time to clean up on my deen. And I pity those who won't take advantage of this blessed month.

But seriously, I wanna accomplish so much this Ramadan and become a better person-- inwardly, outwardly and as the lowest slave of Allah swt. I simply don't get how anyone can actually abandon praying, reading Qur'an and Allah's commandments and think that Ramadan is all about fasting and that's it. In fact, Salaat is the 2nd pillar of Islam.

I had a whole bunch of stuff I was gonna write but I forgot.
But pretty much I wanted to say how every Ramadan, all I did was pray and fast and that was it and this Ramadan, I'm gonna InshaAllah do so much more, like read Qur'an or at least try to finish it this month.

I've already taken small steps.
1. Reduce amount of time on net.
2. No talking to males unnecessarily- I've already removed males from my contact list
3. No music- I've replaced my playlist with Nasheeds with NO music
4. Pray on time and make an effort to do Taraweeh
5. Read at least 1.5 juz of Qur'an a day
6. Watch the tongue
7. Struggle to keep anger out of interfering with the day
8. Make dhikr

There's more but this is what I am gonna work on in the beginning and add more of it on later throughout Ramadan.

But yah, Ramadan is definitely a struggle. You have to get up to eat suhoor, go back to sleep if you can and wake up again for work and/or school. And then when you wanna pray Taraweeh, you have to endure the hours of it, come home late and try to get enough sleep and the same thing continues every day. But you know what? It's a good kind of struggle because all of it is for the sake of Allah swt and all thsoe rewards will add up one day InshaALLAH. Wa hua 3aala kulli sheii2in 8adr. And He is the one who has Power over ALL.

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone.

Wa Alaikum Salaam