Salaam Alaikum,

You know how by nature friends come and go, change with changing years, and perhaps even distant themselves away from you because of whatever reasons? Yah, that happens to everyone, I'm assuming.

So, I have this awesome new best friend, Milah. Like, we are SO similar. I find myself constantly chatting with her, asking for advice, babbling on about my day and of course, ranting on and on about nothing in general. We text back and forth the entire day about complete bakwaas. But behind all of that, she is extremely sweet, has the brains I lack in and gives me the coolest ideas, some of which later turn out into blog posts.

I'm the joking kind of person where at times, I have a hard time being serious and even when I try, I end up saying something I shouldn't simply because I'm not the serious type of being. Milah, nonetheless, is the same way I am but when we put our minds together, we click and ideas pour out of us whereas if we were to do things separately, we'd have a huge burden on our hands.

She has been the most helpful and considerate person in the past few months. Not only has she helped me write one of the most important papers of the year, but she has also been a support system for me, someone to fall back on when I become weak in the knees. Throughout the day, we end up speaking at least once. Yes, she has a tendency of going off on tangents but they're awesome because that's where we get our ideas from. When I'm heartbroken, upset, angry or plain confused, Milah somehow finds a way to turn the deck whereas without her, I'd be in the bitter mood for several hours before giving up.

I don't know how she does what she does but I can seriously say that I am immensely grateful for clashing into her because to be honest, she's such a generous friend. We laugh, rant and cry at the same time and if not, we can always make something up to make the other feel better. Right now, she's in the process of making a guide about how guys and girls think. Apparently, she's some sort of gender relations kung-fu master thingy.

On a serious note, I can safely say that she is my best friend, without a doubt because the amount of time she invests in helping me get through the day is incredible. The things I say or do is nowhere near close enough to the times she has pushed me a little bit further down the road. Thank you Milah, so so SO much. xXx

Wa Alaikum Salaam


kimi said...

hahah wow i didnt think u wer actually, omg that put me in tears...except... hello i can sooo be serious *serious face* hehehe i love u man!!! foreva and always ;)

Iya said...

Bwahahha LOLZ. Pssh, you can NEVER be serious and duh, I was serious. I love you, too man, but like in a straight way. :D