Salaam Alaikum,

In our everyday society, we come across different structural as well as imbalanced portraits of our modern eras, combined with the gesture of mankind that has established a solid yet controversial foundation in human times. This gesticulation of proportions has created an amazing yet appalling atmosphere in the terrain we are currently living in. Simply, the Earth is no longer a retro-captured imagery of the past, however momentarily a suffocating depiction of the environment we have created regarding innovative technologies. If we as humans look back upon eras without technologies, or merely a life with simple tools, we can depict a perfect example of how humans have survived. Unlike that, modern sciences have gone so far that it is revolving around an infinite concept of creating and evolving from previous equipments to a brand new dimension of minute-form, or rather, complex yet manageable machineries, simultaneously. The process of debasing life or our surroundings is easier than we assume it to be. However, reversing that destruction is near impossible, as we can easily realize the vast influence it has taken upon Earth.

In my mind, I believe that it is basically unattainable to clean up and purify our world. The Earth is approximately 42,000 kilometers in circumference, while roughly it is composed of 70% of water. Now, think about how many people there are on this Earth. If you believe deeply that it is possible to save the Earth, then think again as to how many of those people will actually leap forward and take that stand with you. In terms of this, regarding your decision, realize that Earth’s conditions are worsening considering the fact that most inhabitants are drawing back, or ignoring from this participation of improving the Earth. The more you try to progress this notion of saving Earth, the more problems you will come across, and the more unbearable it will become.

It’s not in my perception to figure out a way to save or stop anything from occurring. Scientists and even more advanced minds have been figuring this out for years now, and no one has reached anywhere close to success. In order to slow down pollution, you have to attain the support of thousands of people to limit their use on natural resources, and that would include factories to shut down, causing a loss of profits or business to another hundreds of people. Believe it or not, humans are greedy and hypocrites. That’s not to say that you or I aren’t. I’m basing this on all human beings. When Earth reaches its end, then that is when occupants will open their eyes and finally see the destructions they have caused. I am saying it over and over again that there is NO WAY to stop the world from melting away unless there is at least 96.43% of participation, bearing in mind the devastation that has aroused thus far as a result from the unwilling awareness of humans. In order to prevent further disasters, you have to get the willing support not only from naturalists, but also from people that are unwilling to realize the consequences that can take place in the next 10-40 years. It’s actually not about trying to stop or slow down the problems of Earth, but rather about maintaining yourself to use what you have to get a way around that; basically like working with what you have to create something new with it. If truth be told, you cannot use what you have to get rid of the previous problems, because you’re just using the crisis you have to generate a new dilemma. I know this sounds crazy, but I believe that’s what needs to be done thoroughly.

Wa Alaikum Salaam