Dear MM Brothers,

When a female calls you a dog, she really doesn't mean it. JAY KAY!
Sike, she means it in the most purest, honest actual form, 100 %, in the most extremest levels ever.

But if you're really sensitive [as I know most of you are] and your feelings now are hurt, then
look at it this way.

Men= Dogs
Dogs= Loyal Companions


Men= Loyal Companions

But like, a marriage is SO MUCH more and deeper than what Islam says.
It's not just ALL about having a loyal companion;
it's about whipped cream, ice cream and samosas.

What would a marriage be without having someone to feed you ice cream, samosas and whipped cream in bed
for the rest of your very short, pathetic, yet somewhat disturbing life?
Simple, it would be NOTHING.

So, when you're out spouse shopping, make sure you open that little tiny
box inside your diminutive brains and contemplate the wise words of Iya.
Remember: Samosas, Whipped Cream and Ice Cream in bed... for the rest of your lives.
The three main qualities that guarantee a lasting, healthful and strong marriage.

All that stuff people told you about special bonds and ladida is all bakwaas.

Oh and if you can find a potential spouse who is willing to feed someone ice cream, samosas
and/or whipped cream for the rest of his dog-gone life, you know who to call.

Anyway, keep in mind... men= dogs... in a good way.

JazakAllah Khair and may you have lovely sheets of Egyptian cotton.

Love Always [NAWT],
Mujahid E Musafir

PS: I forgot about toaster ovens and salsa. A marriage is more lasting with a toaster oven to
toast and salsa to eat with Tostitos... but the cupped Tostitos cuz otherwise the salsa falls off the flat ones.

And I prefer keema with samosas.

PPS: Oh and the # 23, Steve Holy and "Good Morning, Beautiful" are the extra qualities that make a marriage last 57.009% longer. :D

Source: My brother's diary that is now under my bed. :P


Nasreen said...

How has no brother commented on how offended they are? lol.

Mujahid E Musafir© said...

Hahhaa probably because they know how right I am. LOL.