Mujahid E Musafir's Acceptance Speech:

*Announcer's hushed voice: The 5 time award winner, Mujahid E Musafir, is now holding a press conference funded by Kimi to thank everyone. The crowd is filled with anticipation. Let's watch and see how it goes.*

*Mujahid E Musafir gets to the stand*

Mujahid E Musafir: AHEM...*does a little warm up singing*

This is truly an honor to be able to stand up here today...on my virtual pedestal...and virtually talk to you all today. When I noticed I had won 5 awards my first reaction was "OMG yes...all those threats to get people to vote worked"...and then when I found out it hadn't been rigged, I was like "Wow, I'm actually popular."

Umm....these 5 awards hold a special place in my heart....and should in all of yours...cuz I mean...these 5 awards are like mine...and that means they're special. Umm....5 awards is such an accomplishment for me. I'd like to go through each award and describe to you the meaningfulness of each one.

"Kimi get the lights."


The first award is one of my favorites....The most when I first heard this I was like..."I want the name and address of the stupid Mother Lover who decided: 'Hmmm, I think I'll vote for Iya.'" But then I remembered "Oh right. I am crazy." Nvm *calls off the SWAT raid*
Anyway. But then I read that Musa got the I was like "Bwahahah these are such lies." Cuz we all know I'm the cutest.

The second one....Most I'm not random. My little mind just has too many good ideas to keep talking about one loong boring thing...I know....Kimi laughed when I said that too....but it's true...and frankly, if I wasn't random I'd be like the rest of y'all losers so HA! that's gotta be my favorite....cuz it's so might be because while the rest of the world is sleeping I'm cracking hard rock and drinking whipped cream out the bottle...but c'mon live a can't always be a coffin.

Fourth....Most seen online reading MM threads....of course this had to go to me....I sit here 24/7 or at least till my wi-fi cuts off...cuz as some of you may know, I live in a prison...and no it's not for harassment's for smuggling Oreos...but anyway, that's personal....umm...this shows my true dedication to MM....or it shows I'm really not allowed on any other websites past 7....either way... IM LOYAL TO MM...*cough cough*

Ahem, same thing with Most active shows my loyalties to MM....and the inaccessibility to YouTube....

I was prepared to say "Last but not least" about this last one...but seems I didn't receive anymore....ahem so....back to the other one...

In conclusion....I'd just like to say "THANKS, JAZAKALLAHU KHAIR"... to all those who voted for me....and for all those who did *leans in and whispers* please give Kimi your names and numbers and she will be getting in contact with you soon after this is over *winks* Inshallah CONGRATS to all the winners...and on the look out next year for more winners...such as...MUJAHID E MUSAFIR....MUJAHID E MUSAFIR or MUJAHID E MUSAFIR.

Oh, I'd also like to thank my sponsors for letting me skip today's rehab session to attend this *ahem Kim*... and erm for my script writer *ahem Kimi*...and my most favorite person ever who has a brazillion awards...*ahem Kimi cough cough*

Oh, and also I'd like to thank the make up companies for supplying and making my life's worth of make up and the clothes companies for supplying my clothing....WOOHOOO Egyptian cotton!!!

And a shout out to all the hot dudes on guys are the reason I'm here....

*puts hands in the air* GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! ahaha

*Announcer: Now we just saw Mujahid E Musafir accept all her awards but I think her publicist now would like to comment. Let's watch.*

*Kimi to the podium*

Kimi: Ahem....Hi. I'm Kimi...You all have probably heard my name mentioned at many of Mujahid E Musafir's erm...parties...or online broadcastings[FaceBook Videos]...I'm just here to tell everyone that erm....Mujahid E Musafir had a crazy night last night and erm...if she offended anyone she's very sorry and erm....she humbly accepts all the awards...*as Mujahid E Musafir's running across the stage with a box of Oreos*

Erm...I'll be honest...when she said she won awards I was like "Bwahahaha you're have to be lying cuz like...what award would you win"....but you saw the awards she got know where I was coming from with this....

Mujahid E Musafir holds a special place in everyone's hearts, I'm sure...and if she doesn't well obviously don't know her...or you do and she scared you away with her aggressiveness and stalkerish habits...and erm..that's ok cuz I ran away the first couple of times myself.

But the point is eventually she'll grow on a fungus or moss on a tree...and she will show you the real person she is...the crazy, loud, naugthy, silly, emotional, full of herself..self that erm...we all erm...MUJAHID E MUSAFIR this one's *points to the spot light* for you, babe. Congrats...and erm....everyone look forward to next week's press conference...hopefully we can ditch rehab that time too....

Written by: Kimi
Edited by: Mujahid E Musafir


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