Salaam Alaikum,

For all of you who are doubting and bashing Imam Anwar Al Awlaki... you guys need to chill. There is NO proof as to whether he absolutely made such statements. How do you KNOW for sure that his blog wasn't HACKED? Let Allah do the Judging... we're not his witnesses. Allah is. There's no reason to call someone a terrorist based without any proof. How do you know what's really in his heart? Doesn't he also speak out against violence and the such?

When I found out about it, I was really shocked, to be honest. Because first of all, this guy is a MUSLIM and encouraging death on others is a bit, un-Islamic, right? But I guess I can see why he felt like that. There are tons of things that are happening and can easily anger people and distort their views. But I feel as though the most important thing to remember is to THINK before we speak and to watch our words. Once they leave our mouths, they are no longer in our possession to add, edit, or delete. In fact, they are more vulnerable to be distorted and once the mass population starts believing untrue words, it instantaneously says something about our character. So let this be a lesson to us to watch our words.

Secondly, even though I personally don’t agree with the statements he made, I am still skeptical as to whether his intention was what we think or not. Khair, Allahu Alim. Let Allah swt be his Witness and Judge.

Also, this guy has done so much for the Muslim community. He has tons of lectures, audios and videos. Though I haven’t followed him in a wide array of scale, I did listen to some of his audios about the life of the Prophet for a night. And then I deleted the files because it was slowing down my laptop. But either way, from the 2 CDs that I listened to, he was really concise on what he was saying MashaAllah and granted that I learned a few things along the way.

I don’t know. Maybe he was enraged at the situation of the world? I know when I get upset at seeing the oppression Muslims face because of the actions and hatred of nonMuslims, I become extremely upset. So when I see the same being done to nonMuslims, I feel a sense of “equalness.” I know it’s completely wrong to wish harm upon others, but at the moment, it feels really good to see the tables turned for a chance. However, I do realize moments after what if the tables were turned again and it was someone I knew and cared for that the tragedy happened to? Surely, I’d feel terrible. However, that has now changed and I no longer feel “revenge has been fulfilled” but rather compassion and sympathy. Regardless of whether the individuals are Muslims or nonMuslims, no one deserves to die by the hands of another individual out of greed and hatred, but by the will of Allah swt. There is no room for vigilantes in the job of Allah swt.

If we have no compassion for life and kill nonMuslims freely, then why would we expect nonMuslims to NOT hurt us twice as much in return? Surely, this world is coming to its doom… so many disturbing things are going on. But then again, things happen for a reason and even through death, it’s another lesson for us to learn.
So, I guess at vulnerable times like this, we as Muslims should watch what we say and how we portray ourselves and value life regardless of division lines. Islam does not even advocate violence and murder.

Wa Alaikum Salaam,
Mujahid E Musafir


Phil said...

Have you listened to any of his stuff on politics? Because no one has any problems with his seera lectures, its the other stuff that there is a problem.