From Kufr to Islam : Abdul Hakim   SOURCE : Abdul Hakim Smith / Prisoners of Faith
 28 September 2008

O Allah bestow Your favour upon Muhammad and his wives and his Ummah. May Allah increase our eeman and grant us taqwa whilst leaving in our footprints righteousness, Ameen.

To my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, Assalaamu Alaikum WR WB.

As you can see I am now answering to the name Abdul Hakim and have been for the last 14 months, but I actually took my shahadah in June 2001 and this is one of the issues that I want to talk about. For those five years or so I was living my life in continued ignorance, walking around in a state of Kufr, whilst still calling myself a Muslim.

Let me explain: I had no idea how to pray, how to make wudhu and the do’s and don’ts of Islam. I had never read more than a few pages of the Quran. I think the reason for all of this was PRIDE and SHAME – the whispering of shaytan – rather than ask the simple questions how and why do I do this and that, I pretended as if I already knew. Drugs, alcohol, fighting mine and my friend’s battles and being in touch with the latest style of music that’s being used to corrupt the minds of those that listen to it. These were the things that mattered to me and my friends, the great majority of which were non-believers. The point I’m trying to get across is that (I believe) because of the lack of dawa, either from the words or actions of other Muslim brothers, shaytan was winning the battle in keeping me from the one true path. The two points I am trying to make are:

1. We as Muslims should never shy away from asking for the help of our brothers and sisters in matters like seeking knowledge.

1. It’s our responsibility to make sure that our brothers and sisters feel comfortable in trying to learn from us, but we should try to make our dawa interesting so the persons don’t mind spending time listening and remembering what’s being said to them. ( I mean why talk to a gunman about knives? He will not be interested)

I started this my first and only time in prison aged 18 in Feltham YOI in 1997, and I personally never saw anybody practising Islam seriously. I was made an adult prisoner aged 19 (due to bad behaviour) and sent to an adult institute namely HMP Whitemoor. Now maybe because I was just running about, doing my own thing, or maybe not, but I saw only a few brothers who lived their lives under Islam. This was the same for me in HMP Long Lartin, HMP Full Sutton, and HMP Frankland. It was whilst on my second time around these prisons Whitemoor and Long Lartin that I first started to see brothers who were actually practising the Deen and this was 2005-2006, SubhanAllah, still it was just a few brothers. Then I went to HMP Belmarsh, MashAllah, lots and lots of strong brothers, the eeman has to increase because of the amount of brothers there. Anyway I was there for about six months before going back to Frankland and alhamdulillah I’ve now seen and heard about many brothers who are now practising the Deen. It ranges from brothers who have been practising for a long time, to brothers who have just accepted Islam, from brothers who MashAllah are very knowledgeable to brothers who are not so knowledgeable but are in search of knowledge.

And it is for this reason that I am saying that as Muslims have a duty to let our action be our first course for dawa, so that people can help them to feel comfortable to ask questions that’s been on their minds. We should use the wisdom that we have to which brothers are struggling, and give them the answers to questions that they don’t yet know, but would greatly benefit them.

Now, as for the personal change that I have gone through over the last year or so. I’d say that alhamdulillah, my eeman, taqwa and birr has increased. This in turn has changed my whole way of life. From the way I walk and talk to the people who I walk and talk with. The crazy music that I use to listen to and drink to and dance to and do drugs to has all changed. And where before I use to respect what I did and the people who did what I did, I no longer have that respect for it or them.

Now I listen to the recitation of the holy Quran, nasheeds or lectures. And when I read, I read the translation of the holy Quran or books that give me a better understanding of Islam and the people of Islam (Majority of the time).

I try to be humble in my actions and thoughts and polite and understanding. Whereas before my confrontations were mostly about things that were haraam and for causes that were to do with my fighting for things of dunya. ‘Now’ I accept little if any violation but my cause is the fight for Jannah. And the concept of wanting for my brothers what I want for myself is very much a big part of my life.

Insha-Allah I have been able to bring some kind of understanding of how Islam is on an increase in Prison as well as outside. I live from salah to salah and Insha-Allah one day I’ll be able to get married and make hajj.

May Allah keep us all guided on the true path on Islam, Ameen. Raise your hands for us as we raise our hands for you.

Wa alaikum assalaam.

Abdul Hakim AKA Shevon Smith

Source:                                                                    17th November 2009


Ziyad Yaghi is a 21 year old American citizen, from Jordan originally, residing in North Carolina whom has lived in the United States since the age of two. He has been accused of attempting to commit terrorism abroad by the United States government, in an indictment which appears to be based on an incorrect premise, namely that the US seek to infer that trips abroad were part of a terrorist conspiracy.

Ziyad visited Jordan in 2006, the country of his birth. Unfortunately the US Indictment appears to have misinterpreted this intention, and states instead that he was seeking armed conflict.

In 2007, the indictment alleges that he with others tried to engage in armed conflict in Israel, whereas both Ziyad and his friend Omar instead sought to visit the west bank and Masjid al-aqsa, one of Islam’s most
famous and revered sites and one which holds particular appeal for Ziyad as he is from Palestinian heritage.
The United States again seek to set a dangerous precedent in that if a Muslim wishes to visit the land of his ancestry, then this is viewed as suspect.

Now Ziyad is being held in an American jail, on the basis of two holidays that he undertook a few years ago.
The United States seem to draw conclusions and conspiracies when it is clear that this was just a young Muslim man who travelled as millions of young people do, seeking different cultures and experiences. It is discriminatory to assume that if a Muslim man engages in a trip to the Middle East that it is seditious conspiracy, yet if a non Muslim man were to do the same then it is soul-searching and adventure.

We also remind the United States of its obligations under the constitution, which state:-

“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the
United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;
nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

(14th Amendment of the US Constitution, Section One)

We would also remind the United States of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article two,
which states :-

“Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind,
such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth
or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or
international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust,
non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.”

We finally ask that the United States government cease the incarceration of this young man, and free him so
that he may resume his life and be re-united with his family.

Key Contacts

George Holding, District Attorney
U.S. Attorney's Office
310 New Bern Avenue, Federal Building,
Suite 800,
Raleigh, North Carolina
(919) 856-4530

Richard Burr, Senator
201 North Front Street
Suite 809
Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone: (888) 848-1833
Phone: (910) 251-1058
Fax: (910) 251-7975

Sample Letter

Dear [insert recipient's name here],

I am writing to you concerning Ziyad Yaghi, a 21 year old American citizen who is originally from Jordan.
He is accused of engaging in a terrorist conspiracy, an accusation that is easily refutable if one examines the
facts of the case.

Ziyad visited Jordan in 2006, the country of his birth, for entirely innocent reasons. Unfortunately the US

Indictment appears to have misinterpreted this intention, and states instead that he was seeking armed conflict.

In 2007, the indictment alleges that he with others tried to engage in armed conflict in Israel, whereas both
Ziyad and his friend Omar instead sought to visit the west bank and Masjid al-aqsa, one of Islam’s most
famous and revered sites and one which holds particular appeal for Ziyad as he is from Palestinian heritage.
The United States again seek to set a dangerous precedent in that if a Muslim wishes to visit the land of his
ancestry, then this is viewed as suspect.

Under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, Section One, it clearly states:-

“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the
United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;
nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

I would ask that you cease the incarceration of this young man, and free him so that he may resume his life and
be re-united with his family.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

[insert name here]
Please spread the word and tell every one to write letters especially to Obama and to these people if possible

George Holding, District Attorney
U.S. Attorney's Office
310 New Bern Avenue , Federal Building ,
Suite 800,
Raleigh, North Carolina
(919) 856-4530

Richard Burr, Senator
201 North Front Street
Suite 809
Wilmington , NC 28401
Phone: (888) 848-1833
Phone: (910) 251-1058
Fax: (910) 251-7975

The governor;
Office of the governor
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699

You can also call or write to the President:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Please include your e-mail address
Salaam 3alaikum wa Ra7matullahi wa Barakathu:

The Prophet SAW said to free the slaves, feed the poor, help the helpless and the prisoners. So why can't we? Please, do take the time to open the links. They are very short articles.

Ziyad Yaghi is my brother. And he is yours, too-- through faith, humanity and through support. Ziyad has been incarcerated into a small cell under false accusations and presumptions under Bush's "War On Terror." There is no doubt that he is innocent. Please show support by joining and inviting more members to this group. Write words of inspiration and hope for Ziyad on the wall and I will forward them to him soon, InshaAllah. This could be one of us in any day so please take the initiative to do something for our innocent brothers and sisters. Please note that when writing letters to Ziyad, do not mention his case or anything that can get him into trouble or yourself. If you cannot send them in via post, please feel free to e-mail them to me. JazakAllah Khair. Ziyad is not the only one suffering from this. Thousands of Muslims [most innocent] are put under this shame and humiliation with a breach of their amendments. Their arrests are in violation of the 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, 4th amendment, 5th amendment, 8th amendment.

Please also support his family. It doesn't matter what crimes Ziyad faces. What did his family do? What if you were in that situation? You probably would want someone to help you in the long-run so start TODAY.

This is the story of Babar Ahmed, a prisoner of oppression and false accusations and how when he was entering prison another brother was being released and Babar apologized to him. This is what he said:

A fellow Algerian prisoner was about to be released. So, Babar said to him in jail: 'I want to apologize to you before you leave." The man asked: "For what?" Babar replied: "When I was free, I saw your story on TV. However, it meant nothing to me, because I never thought it could happen to me. So, I did nothing for you. Now that I am in prison and it has happened to me, there are people who heard about my story and will think nothing of it, thinking it will never happen to them. Once it happens to them, others will think nothing of it and do nothing, etc..." So, if you feel that you can just sit back and read about all these cases and do nothing to repel this injustice and that it can never happen to you, think again.

Also, Read "My son is locked down, shackled and humiliated" By Ziyad's Mom

Who is Ziyad Yaghi?:
Why should I support Ziyad?:

More about Ziyad:

What can I do?:

This will not take you more than 2 minutes, InshaAllah. -Mujahid E Musafir

-Please write words of inspiration and hope for Ziyad at Ziyad Yaghi Is My
Brother [will be forwarded to Ziyad, InshaAllah]:

-Please join Ziyad Yaghi's group:

-Please sign Ziyad Yaghi's Petition:

-Please join Ziyad Yaghi's Cause:

-Please donate to Ziyad Yaghi's Cause:

-Please write letters to Ziyad Yaghi:
Ziyad Yaghi B/125
P.O. Box 399
Lillington, NC 27546
Infamous Rapper and Music Producer, Kanye West, joins a large group of celebrities who have embraced Islam as their new faith.

The award winning Producer took the shahadah eleven months ago while promoting his Clothing line 'Past Tell' in Iran. Unlike most Celebrity converts to Islam who have converted to Sunni Islam, Kanye has been influenced by Islams largest minority group, The Shia.

Often seen with Irans Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, Kanye represents a more hip and approachable form of belief to young Shiaas all over the world. When asked about Irans Nuclear programme at a recent press conference, Kanye Said that this was a conspiracy because "George Bush doesnt care about Arab People"

The often controversial Rapper has also re-recorded some of his songs as a means of expressing his new faith. "Ali Walks" (an adaptation of hit single 'Jesus Walks') is a firm favourite in downtown Tehran. "Cat Stevens did it with Peace Train and Wild World so why not" said West.

The artist recently upset those at the National Islamic Society of North America conference last week by interrupting Professor Tariq Ramadans keynote address on the Khulafa E Rashideen by grabbing the mike from the Oxford Intellectual and saying "Yo Ramadan, Imma let you finish But Ali was supposed to be the first Caliph", before being booed off stage.

MJ 'Claims' Khan Read further at Almost News
Allied News
November 21, 2007

Kanye West accepted Islam in a Washington, D.C. mosque. The rapper claimed his acquaintances, "Freeway," and "Mos Def," who are already practicting Muslims, influenced him greatly.

Kanye said his conversion won't affect his music, as most Rapper converts. He said he'll continue to make provacative videos, have sex, drink, hit up the clubs, and have more sex. He's giving up bacon one day at a time.

He has however contemplated a name change in case he's ever on a plane that terrorist hijack, quote "Yo if them n*ggas, try ta' highjack ma' a**, I can always pull out ma' ID and be like, yo, I'm one of y'all! Knaw' mean? That's just smart, that's just straight hustla, Louis Vutton!"

On news of Kanye's conversion statement, designer Louis Vutton revoked Kanye's contract saying
"I mean what if he starts a trend, and we have to start designing turbans, I mean, come on...."

Kanye replied saying "Yo I don't care, it ain't nuthin' ta me, I'm #1, I been gettin' approached by designers ever since Lous Vutton left me." Note Allied News did check Kanye's claim on this, and found no evidence.

Analyst say Kanye's sales have yet to drop in the U.S. since the news, but may increase in other places such as UAE, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

Kanye has been contemplating the name "Khalil West," or "Khalil Wes-Saeed," as in "West Side," but local DC Imam, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Kadri said the name should not be glamorous. Sheikh Ibrahim El-Kadri has been a Kanye West song ever since 'Jesus Walks,' "I use to bump that up Yani, vhen I go to za cruisin', people look at me like, who is dis brazar with tha big beard bobbin' his head, what? and Imam can't get jiggy wizzit? Yakhi please..."

West also said if he found the religion to be difficult to integrate with music, he may leave to Judaism. "Hey after all Madona did it, and this ain't Saudi, ain't nobody gona' chop my head or hand or whatever they do to apostates..."

Sayings of Umar(Ra) the conqueror of Persia and Rome,the Noble Companion of Muhammad(Saws):

"He who keeps his own counsel keeps his affairs in his own hands."
"Fear him, whom you hate."
"The wisest man is he who can account for his actions."
"Do not put off today's work for tomorrow."
"Money cannot help lifting its head."
"What regresses. never progresses."
"He who does not know evil will fall into it."
"When a man puts me a question, I judge of his intelligence."
"Don't forget your own self while preaching to others."
"The less of the world, the freer you live."
"Avoidance of sin is lighter than the pain of remorse."
"On every dishonest man, there are two watchmen, his possessions, and his way of living."
"If patience and gratitude had been two she camels, it would have mattered little on which I rode."
"May God have mercy on him who sends me my faults as a present."
"Preserve the sayings of those people who are indifferent to the world. They say only that what God wishes them to say."
"Fear God, for He alone lives; all other things are liable to perish."
"The wisest among you is he whose sustenance is the fear of God."
"Praise God, for by praise His blessings multiply."
"Fear God, for that is fortune; indifference to God is misfortune."
"Be patient; patience is a pillar of faith."
"Acquire knowledge and teach it to the people"
"Be dignified, honest, and truthful"
"Do not be an arrogant scholar, for scholarship cannot subsist with arrogance".
"When you see that any scholar loves the world, then his scholarship is in doubt".
"God forbid, men should be jealous of knowledge as they are jealous of women."
"May God bless the man who says less and does more."
"The criterion of action is that today's work should not be deferred till the following day."

Sayings of Ali(Ra) the raised up by the Prophet Muhammad(Saws)::

• Fear God and you will have no cause to fear any one.
• Resignation to the Will of God is the cure of the disease of the heart.
• The word of God is the medicine of the heart.
• Lead such a life, that, when you die, the people may mourn you, and while you are alive they long for your company.
• The days of life pass away like clouds, so do good while you are alive.
• Of all the follies the greatest is to love the world.
• Opportunity is swift of flight but slow to return.
• Pride, cowardice, and miserliness are bad for me but good for women.
• The most happy is he to whom God has given a good wife.
• He who knows himself knows God.
• Do not soil your conscience for anything but heaven
• The disease of the heart is worse than the disease of the body.
• To fight against one's desires is the greatest of all fights.
• The strongest amongst you is he who subdues his self.
• Wealth and greed are the roots of all evils.
• Riches without faith are the greatest poverty.
• A man's worth depends upon the nobility of his aspirations.
• Knowledge enlivens the soul.
• The learned lives, although he dies.
• The sum total of excellence is knowledge.
• To respect the learned is to respect God.
• Generosity hides shortcomings.
• The wealth of a miser is as useless as a pebble.
• Desire is one's most inveterate enemy.
• Those who walk on the surface of the earth shall one day be interred in it.
• Every breath of man brings him nearer to death.
• People are asleep as long as they are alive, they are awakened when they die.
• Patience is the fruit of faith.
• Virtue never dies.
• A man's glory from his virtue is greater than the glory of his pedigree.
• No shelter is safer than piety.
• A man's behavior is the index of his mind.
• Courtesy costs nothing but buys everything.
• Clemency graces power.
• Jealousy devours virtue as fire devours fuel
• He that lends a listening ear to reproach is one of those that deserve reproach.
• Forgiveness is she crown of greatness.
• Carnal appetites are nets spread by the devil.
• Every arrow does not hit the mark, nor every prayer granted.
• Ostentatiousness spoils prayers.
• Fear none but your sins.
• He who praises you murders you.
• A man who praises himself displays his deficiency of intellect.
• Honor your parents and your sons will honor you.
• A man is hid under his tongue.
• The tongue of a wise man lies behind his heart.
• The tongue pierces deeper than the spear.
• He who purifies his heart from doubt is a believer.
• The opinion of a wise man is an oracle.
• To seek counsel is to go to the fountain of guidance.
• Association with a fool is tyrannical to the soul.
• God hastens the fall of tyrants.
• Tyranny leads to moral cowardice.
• A tyrant's success is his moral defeat.
• It is better to die than to beg.
• When a man begs he loses his faith.
• Hajj is the Jihad of every believer in faith.
• A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
• Silence is the best reply to a fool.
• The best speech is one that is short and reasonable.
• Speech is like a medicine, a small dose of which cures but an excess of which kills.
• He that has no courage has no religion.
• His grief is long whose hope is short.
• The right of freedom of speech consists in speaking the truth.
• Repentance washes away sins.
• Folly is an incurable disease.
• To assist the wrong is to oppress the right.
• Sinning is a disease, repentance is its medicine, and abstinence from it a sure cure.
• Sorrow makes a man old before his time.
• Pride impedes progress and mars greatness.
• To forgive is the crown of greatness.
• He who understands humanity seeks solitude.
• Right is the best argument.
• Misrepresentation spoils narration.
• As a man's wisdom increases, so his desire to speak decreases.
• He who seeks to do justice with men, let him desire for them what he desires for himself.
• The greatest sin is the sin that the sinner considers to be ordinary.
• Contentment is the asset which is never exhausted.
• Governments are a trial for men.
• He who fights against the truth, the truth will defeat him.
• Finding fault in others is one's greatest fault.
• Haste is a species of madness.
• Greed is perpetual enslavement.
• He who does not know his own worth is doomed to destruction.
• The best investment is one with which duties are performed.
• Anger is a fire kindled, he who restrains anger extinguishes the fire; he who gives vent to it is the first to be consumed by such fire.
• Jihad is the highway of prosperity.
• None is more solitary than a miser.
• Knowledge is the ornament of the rich, and the riches of the poor.
• Knowledge is the sum total of excellence.
• He who teaches you a letter binds you with a fetter of gratitude.
• As long as we do not hope, we do not fret.
• He who indulges in jokes and loose fall, loses a part of his wisdom.
• Truth is bitter, but its result is sweet; falsehood appears to be sweet but it is poisonous in its effect.
• Miserliness is the root of many evils.
• Knowledge and practice are twins, and both go together. There is no knowledge without practice, and no practice without knowledge.
• He who dissembles plays with his honor.
• When God wants to humiliate a person He deprives him of knowledge.
• When your power increases, decrease your desires accordingly.
• He who listens to a backbiter loses a friend.
• It is no justice to decide a case on mere conjecture.
• He who does not know his own worth is deemed to ignominy.
• He who practices thrift would never be in want.
• He who does not know should not be ashamed to learn.
• Patience is to faith, what head is to the body. When patience goes, faith goes, when head goes, the body goes.
• The grace of God is the best guide.
• A good disposition is the best companion.
• Wisdom is the best friend.
• Good breeding is the best inheritance.
• There is nothing more hateful than pride.
• Be among men like bee among birds.
• Mix with the people with your tongue, but be separate from them in your deeds.
• Be generous but do not be a spendthrift.
• Do not run after the world, let the world run after you.
• A wise man is he who does not despair of the bounty and mercy of God.
• He who is aware of his own faults is oblivious of the faults of others.
• What the eye sees the heart preserves.
• The vision of the eye is limited; the vision of the heart transcends all barriers of time and space.
• Do not be misled by appearances for these are apt to be deceptive.
• Do not have too many irons in the fire; concentrate on one thing at a time.
• What you do not like for your self, do not like it for others.
• Contentment is the treasure which is never exhausted.
• The advice of old men is dearer than the bravery of young men.
• That knowledge is superficial which is merely on the tongue. That knowledge is real which demonstrates itself in your practice.
• Waste of time is one's greatest loss.
• He who knows to keep his secret knows the way to success.
• Foresight is the way to safety. 
•No relationship is stronger than the relationship that exists between man and God.
•Enlighten the heart with prayers.
•Strengthen your heart with faith.
•Suppress all lust with piety.
•Do not sell the Hereafter for the world.
•Do not speak in a state of ignorance.
•Refrain from unnecessary talk.
•Do not tread the path from which you can apprehend the danger of running astray.
•In the affairs of God, do not be afraid of the accusations of the evil mongers.
•In all that you do seek the protection of God.
•Do not covet what is undesirable.
•If you seek the truth neither stray from the right path, nor be assailed by doubts.
•Do not become a slave of your desires.
•That wealth is no wealth which brings dishonor.
•Whatever harm accrues of silence can be remedied but whatever harm is done because of speech cannot be remedied.
•It is better to restrain your desires than to stretch your hand before others.
•A little that is earned because of honest labor is better than a larger amount gained through dishonest means.
•Guard well your secret.
•He who seeks more than what is necessary indulges in error.
•To oppress the weak is the worst tyranny.
•Do not bank on false hopes for that is the capital of the dead.
•A wise man takes a lesson even from a minor lapse.
•Overpower desires and suspicions by patience and faith.
•He who does not take the middle course strays.
•A stranger is he who has no friends.
•When hopes are frustrated despair becomes the way of life.
•He who trusts the world, the world betrays him.

Regarding Laila Yaghi's son, Ziyad Yaghi:

I feel excruciating pain! I know every one tells me to be patient but don’t forget that the prophet Jacob lost his sight crying over his son Joseph when his brothers took him away. How am I suppose to feel when my son is locked down, shackled and treated with humiliation? How am I suppose to feel when I go to the hearing and see my son in an orange jump suit with his hands chained and a bunch of marshals sitting behind him and then afterwards accompany him to take him back to jail? How am I suppose to feel when they have all these marshals and police taking my son as if he was about to blow up something?
All is a game to show people that they are doing their job but alas they are stealing our tax money to pretend that they are doing a job! Do you know how much it costs me every time my son calls? For every phone call he makes, it is 25 dollars! You know now the game how it works? How much money they make out of this? Imagine how many families are in this situation and for every phone call made it is at least $25, and then if it is a little important then it is more and more money. So I ask my son to please not worry about the money and at least call me once a week, if possible twice
I am depressed and try hard not to be, but you know I feel that with every breath I take poison seeps into my lungs and then into my veins. I know I should put more time into his cause and so and so but I feel so paralyzed and lost for words. Depression is taking over me. And yes, I do pray and make a lot of thikr and dua, but I am a mother don’t forget
And then people tell me to get a private lawyer. So you tell me, how am I suppose to get a private lawyer that costs more than 100,000 dollars when I can barely afford my basic needs
And then I try to be creative, but even that has been taken away from me due to depression!
And then my son’s lawyer tells me not to publicize it because this will hurt his case more, then others tell me no I should publicize it because then every one will know about what is going on. O.K so many cases have been publicized, so did it change their status? Are they out of jail? And am I suppose to be in a situation where I am doomed if I did and doomed if I did not! I don’t want to be the one who hurts my son. I want to be the one who helps him get out of this situation.
A 21 year old boy who just got out of his teen age years! A 21 year old boy who used to be silly and just wants to play, been accused of something impossible. A fiction the FBI created! I mock this secret evidence that no one can see or know about! And you know why? Because there is nothing! that’s why no one can see it or know about it
Where are out rights? Where is president Obama and how can he let all of this happen and not do any thing about it? Where is justice? Where?

-Laila Yaghi
I was recently asked to give a lecture on something important to me and this is what I had to say:

Imagine waking up one day and you find your hands and feet shackled and you have no idea what is going on or what you are being arrested for or what your crime is. You have no way of defending yourself and regardless of how loudly you scream and yell, it is all useless because your voice is unheard. No one cares about what you have to say. In fact, no one could give a damn about you. Except for Allah swt. He cares.

Imagine cleaning and cooking and helping your Mom make a home-cooked meal and you go outside for a short swim. You find your hands shackled and you’re unaware of whatever charges are being thrown at you. The next day, the FBI brings back your swimming shorts to your Mom and walk away without a word. How do you expect your Mom to react?

Imagine having one of your kidneys removed while in captivity, having your teeth removed, having your nose broken and then having it reset inaccurately and not being taken care of your gunshot wounds. There’s blood dripping over all of your clothes and yet, your voice is unheard. At the same time, you have to strip naked to be checked every time your lawyers visit you and when you appear in court. Can you blame anyone for refusing to seek medical attention or legal rights when you are forced to undergo such humiliation?

Now imagine being tortured all day and night, being water-boarded, forced into stress positions for hours, hung on ceilings by your wrists, deprived of sleep and food and you are constantly being yelled at. Your wounds aren’t healing and you are pushed to work on your hands and feet and knees. How can you expect your wounds to heal? You are now forced to strip naked so authorities can take pictures of intimate parts of your body and mock you. You are forced to commit demoralized acts so others can entertain themselves. You are raped and put into such humiliation and pain that death sounds so much sweeter at this moment. You are taunted and threatened and embarrassed and there’s nothing else you can do but submit to these disgusting animals. Someone comes in and interrogates you for hours and you are forced to confess ridiculous things and you refuse and spit back at them. So what do they do? They obtain a female interrogator to tempt you and again you refuse. She takes a red marker and stains her fingers with it. She pulls her hands out of her pants and wipes it on your back telling you it’s impure blood. Water is now turned off and you can’t make ablution or offer your salaat. You are forced to confess things you have not committed because otherwise, if you don’t, your family is at risk. During Abdullah Khadr’s hearing, he said: “If someone tells you ‘If you don’t tell us you are selling missiles to Al-Qaeda, we are going to rape your sister.’ What would you say?”

It doesn’t matter what your crime is and whether you are innocent or guilty. The only crime you have committed is being a Muslim. How is this even a crime? We have brothers and sisters being tortured every day for submitting WILLINGLY to our Lord. Most of them do not have access to medical consultants, to lawyers or even their families. They are kept under solitary confinement for 24 hours, every single day—no contact with humans, light, fresh air. Most of us can’t even bear to go ten minutes without picking up the phone, checking our FaceBook and e-mails, go outside or whatever it is we are so obsessed with doing.

If truth be told, I am so disgusted with so many people in so many ways. We worry so much about what kind of shoes we wear or what brand of clothes we buy that we forget there are people out there who do not even own a pair of shoes or decent clothing on their back. We waste so much food every day and fill ourselves until we vomit that we have no idea there are people out there who are at wits end for a piece of bread. Our lives are confined to just ourselves. It’s always “this and that” and “me.” How often do you truly stop for a second to think of anyone but yourselves?
Every so often, you meet a group of people that make statements such as “Looks aren’t that important to me and people shouldn’t worry about looks that much.” What the hell are you doing with so much makeup on your face, with your Armani jacket and sunglasses for, then? If you truly meant that, you wouldn’t own a mirror, now, would you?

There are people on this campus that complain so much about the smallest nitty-gritty things, useless insignificant crazes that truly have no importance to themselves. They waste so much money buying things they don’t even use and worry for hours about what others think of themselves. What if everyone took 10 minutes out of their lives and put these habits behind and made an effort to remember more important things? Wouldn’t Allah reward them so much more?

Every time I ask someone to write a letter to at least one prisoner, I receive this statement “I can’t write now. I’m busy.” Their form of being “busy” is refreshing their FaceBook page, watching a movie or talking on the phone. As calmly as I can, I leave them my contact information and ask them to write one when they’re not “busy.” Weeks pass by and I never receive their letters.

If I ask you today to write a simple letter and you tell me you are busy, that is fine. But imagine if one day you are incarcerated in a small cell and you have no outside communication. Wouldn’t you want someone to send you a letter of inspiration and hope? Wouldn’t you want to have the knowledge that there are people out there who have you in their thoughts and prayers? And what if no one writes you one because they are too “busy?” How would that make you feel? So how do you think our brothers and sisters feel at this very exact moment when you refuse to write a short letter to them because you’re too busy refreshing your FaceBook page?

Islam is not the enemy here. In fact, no religion is. Yes, this is true! Religion does not cause corruption in the hearts of individuals. It is, however, government that ploys, accuses and tricks people into being something they were never to begin with--- terrorists or evil, vile creatures.  I did realize that the most unfortunate and the most deprived are the most optimistic and patient. It’s true that “oppression can only survive through silence.”

People constantly say that so and so is oppressing the community and the minds of others. But ask yourself this: How can the oppressed become the oppressors?
-Mujahid E Musafir
Why Women Cry

A little boy asked his mother, "Why are you crying?" "Because I'm a woman," she told him.

"I don't understand," he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will."

Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?"

"All women cry for no reason," was all his dad could say.

The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry.

Finally he put in a call to Scholar. When Scholar got on the phone, he asked, " Scholar, why do women cry so easily?"

Scholar said:

"When Allah made the woman she had to be special.

Allah made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world,

yet gentle enough to give comfort.

HE gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children.

HE gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining.

HE gave her the sensitivity to love her children under any and all circumstances, even when her child has hurt her very badly.

HE gave her strength to carry her husband through his faults and fashioned her from his rib to protect his heart.

HE gave her wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife, but sometimes tests her strengths and her resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly.

And finally, HE gave her a tear to shed. This is hers exclusively to use whenever it is needed."

"You see my son," said scholar, "the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart – the place where love resides."

Salaam Alaikum, this brother is amazing and very dear to me and everyone else that know him. Please take the time to read this and try to do something about it.

What can I do?
-Support his group and cause [Facebook needed]
-Write him a letter [see below for address]
-Write his mother a letter [PM them to me and I'll forward them]
-Donate to his cause or donate directly here
-Sign his petition
Please do something. And donate, even if it's just a dollar. Allah will reward you SO much.

Background [from his Mother]

Ziyad Yaghi is a 21 year old American Muslim of Palestinian descent who was born in Jordan after his parents left Upstate N.Y for a job over seas. Ziyad and his parents then came back to Upstate N.Y when he was about 2 years old. When Ziyad was about 3 years old, he moved to NC with his mom and brother.
Ziyad is known as a kind and gentle person by family, friends and colleagues. He is always giving money to the homeless and any one that asks him for money, Ziyad will give him or her the last dollar in his pocket.
The FBI and media have tried to depict my son as someone evil when in reality he's soft, gentle and caring. He sticks his neck out for his friends and is always helping people in need.
My son is a now a victim of the FBI's oppression.

About two years ago when Ziyad was only 19, him and his friend went overseas to his home country and from there, Ziyad and his friend also visited Egypt and had a wonderful time and then came back to the US. Soon after their trip overseas, the FBI was knocking on my door and asking me questions. When Ziyad and his friend came back, they were constantly harassed and watched by the FBI.
Before Ziyad and his friend went to Jordan they knew a specific person of interest to the FBI for a short while, then when they came back and had no contact with this person, the FBI continued to harass my son and his friend and they tried to pressure them to say something, even though Ziyad and his friend had nothing to say. Both boys insisted that they didn't know anything personal about the person the FBI were conducting an investigation on and couldn’t understand what the FBI was looking for!

Two years later, a simple fight broke between the boys and one of the friends of Ziyad The FBI made it sound so horrendous and tried to charge Ziyad and his friend with many things and threw them in jail. The FBI came once more to my door and asked me more questions and then one of them told me that he wants the boys in jail because he wants them to feel more pressured to tell them something about the individual the FBI have been inquiring about earlier. Again that same name was mentioned and the boys stayed in jail almost four months and when the FBI found that there is nothing against these boys that could prove what they were looking for, my son and his friend were released.

After two moths, when my son had cleaned the apartment for me and was about to cook, he went to the pool for a short swim, the FBI came with a swat team and arrested my son with new charges! The charges were so absurd! Ziyad and his friend were charged with conspiring to kill and maim people abroad! The FBI two days later came to my apartment to give me my son’s swimming shorts and told me that they think Ziyad knows something about the person they've been inquiring about from the beginning and that "Ziyad is not telling us and that he needs to cooperate with us!" Interestingly, one of the FBI officers told me and some of Ziyad’s friends that he it trying to get promoted. So can you see how the FBI works? Takes innocent people from their homes and throws them in jail for no wrong doing? Where is the justice here? Why would my son be taken away for no reason? I cannot explain the pain I've been feeling since July and I've been in deep depression crying all the time because of the injustice done to my son and many other Muslims in America.

We are a normal American family. This is outrageous! We are only being targeted because we are Muslims. We have done nothing wrong! Nothing wrong! Ziyad has a kind heart; he is someone that refuses to kill ants so how is he going to kill humans?

Please Support Ziyad and take a step in bringing an end to the Oppression done to my Son and many others. Silence is not an option in helping the oppressed, rather is it merely defeatism. We NEED to speak out and take ACTION to end these nightmares.

Yours respectfully,
Laila Yaghi

Please write him:

Ziyad Yaghi B/125
P.O. Box 399
Lillington, NC 27546
Salaam 3alaikum Wa Ra7matullah Wa Barakathu,
Please take the time to write a simple letter to our dearest Brother Omar Ahmed Khadr. Eid is approaching so please take 10 minutes out of your life to write one to him. If you do end up writing one, please don't include personal information about him, you, his trial or anything of that matter. Just put in words of upliftment. Also, take a few minutes to read his letters to his Mom and Brother. They put tears to my eyes. Sub7anAllah.

If for any reason you cannot send it in via post, please let me know and I'll try my best to forward them. JazakAllah.

Wa 3alaikum Salaam,
Mujahid E Musafir

Write to Omar Ahmed Khadr:

Omar Khadr
Camp Delta
P.O. Box 160
Washington DC 20053

First Letter to his Mother, translated from Arabic though his first language is English:

To my dear mother,

Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

How are you, mother, and how is your health? I pray to Allah that you are in the best of circumstances and in good health. What is the news of my brothers and sisters and my father? I pray to Allah that you are all well.

Forgive me, O mother, for not having written letters to you all because I didn’t know your address. As I write to you, my hand is shaking; I don’t know if it’s due to happiness or sadness. Mother, in your next letter, write to me with news of my father and brothers and sisters and what is happening to them. I know that they are well but give me a few more details and also about Safiyya; I often see her in my dreams and Abdul Karim and the others occassionally. How are Zainab, Abdullah and Maryam?

Allah knows that I am longing for you all very much and I hope to see you all soon very soon if Allah wills. Don’t be sad for me. I am in good health; all praise is due to Allah. My injuries have improved and I am exercising and eating. All I lack is your company. When I was captured, in the first few days, I was asleep and I heard your voice; I got up and I couldn’t find you. I pray to Allah to write our reward for us. Make your intentions sincere for Him and do not be angry with what Allah has decreed. Everything happens by the decree of Allah and His divine foreordainment. We ask Allah to accept our supplications.

I ask all my brothers and sisters and friends to forgive me. Mother, know that man suffers for his faith and continues to suffer until he walks the earth free from sin, so be patient and hope for Allah’s reward in the hereafter. I will be released; there is no doubt about it. I pray to Allah for it to happen very soon.

How is Maryam? Does she have measles or a small tumour? I pray to Allah that she is well. How is your health, mother? Don’t be sad, Allah is with us and every believer. Be happy, because after night, there is always a new dawn and a brilliant sun for Islam and the Muslims.

O mother, be happy because I memorised the whole Qur’an in […]. I saw one of my uncle’s in my dream. He had a white face, it was illuminated and he was happy. Don’t forget me in your prayers. I never have and never will forget any of you in mine. Increase your obedience to Allah for no calamity befalls us except what Allah has written for us as well as that which is the result of our sins.

With love, my dear mother. Was-salaamu ‘alaikum and greetings for the last four Eids that have gone by.

Omar Ahmed Khdar, 18/6/2004

Second Letter to His Mother, translated from Arabic though his first language is English:

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Beneficent

To my dear, precious mother, who resides in the depths of my heart and will never leave it except if Allah wills.

I am writing to you after having received a letter from you and from Zainab this fortnight. […] Thank God for them, I used to get them nearly every week or twice a day. […] It had news of my father. I ask Allah to accept his good deeds and du’as and to grant him a place in the highest paradise. They showed me his picture and Karim’s maybe six months ago, all praise is due to Allah.

I exhort you to be patient but I know that you are as patient as a million mothers. I ask you to forgive me for not having written to you at first because I didn't know the address and now I know. O mother, I am patient and resigned to what my Lord Has destined for me and I was happy, all praise is due to Allah, that the last action with which he met Allah was martyrdom, that will help his sins to be forgiven if Allah wills.

What is new with all of you and how is the weather? If Allah wills, everything is fine. I told the boys about AbdurRahman's marriage and they were delighted for him. They congratulated him. I pray to Allah that when this letter reaches you they are living in the same house and that He blesses her and unites them in goodness. May He guide Abdul Rahman to be more religious through her.

How is your health, my dearest mother? If Allah wills, you are well and your morale is good to, if He wills. What is your news? Try to write and get everyone else to write me more letters. All praise is due to Allah, I receive them via the Red Cross.

There is only one week remaining until the blessed month of Ramadan starts. May Allah make it a month full of blessings for all of us and may He make us resolute in fasting and obeying Him and may He reunite us soon, if He wills.

As for me, mother, I am in good health; health is from Allah. My morale is very high and I am happy. I only lack Allah’s pleasure and may He reunite us soon if He wills. My health is good. I told you that I have finished […]. All praise is due to Allah. I also turned 18 on 19th September. I pray that Allah grants us long lives. May He make our conduct whole and sound and grant us a good end.

My health is good and all my injuries are normal. My eye is as it was before. I pray to Allah to set us free so we can treat it and alhamdulillah. I advise you, O my mother, to be patient and have taqwa as the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) said. Look after Karim and your brother's sons. You must advise them as you know of the problems in these countries. Don’t forget us in your prayers. I have not and I will never forget all of you and I will keep writing for as long as I can. Our last prayer is all praise is to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Was-salamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Omar Ahmed Khdar, 9/10/2004

Letter to his Brother: Abdul Rahman
in the neme of God

to my dear brothr how are you i hope you are good and in great health. and how is life hope evrything is good. and did you find a job hope soo and gangtatulation for you mariag i hope you have a happy life with her and hope to have lots of kids and raise them on the Islamic way and so you can have a happy life in this world before the hereafter and how is the weather back in Canada. I think it is getting cooler. Take good care of your self and don't give mom or grandma or paand have patience with them because they are old in age and visit home regularly and help Kareem so he can walk again. By the way what is your new address so I can write to you writing granma's address. And I wanted to ask you because my interrogator (HASOSE) told me that you sade that we rode horses with Usama's kids. You did you say that and this is not true. May God forgive you and write back soon and [censored] about my interrogator. He says hi and congratulations on the marriage. About me I am in good health and do a little exercise and eat good and feel good and I miss you very much and hope to see you soon so we can talk and eat and have fun and have a happy life in dear Canada and all my injuries are good and about my eye nothing new and by the way happy Eid and happy Ramadhan and give my greetings to everyboyd back in Canada and to write to me and not be lazy, even one letter is good from them, and dear Abdul Rahman fear God and know that He is looking at you all the time everything and memorise lots from the Quran and take care of yourself make good use of your time and don't forget me from your prayers and I wont. Take care

Love from your brother to Abdul-Rahman
You guys can write letters to Br. Tariq and Br Ziyad and Br. Daniel Boyd and the NC 7 as well as Dr Aafia Siddiqui. Imagine being confined for 24 hours a day with no light, no fresh air, no human contact, nothing whatsoever. The only things these guys look forward to are mails. Take the time to do something for others.

Please also visit and plan on writing to Omar Khadr, he was only 15 at the time of his arrest at Guantanamo Bay. Raise money to send to CagePrisoners... they work directly with most of the families of the accused. If you're planning on writing a letter, do NOT write ANYTHING that can get either YOU or THEM in trouble, do NOT write anything personal about yourself or them and try NOT to remind them of their situation. Just write something uplifting. They cannot receive anything but a letter and it depends on who you're sending it to so a letter would be best. Put your return address so it doesn't get thrown out. And your letter will be read and inspected before they are sent to the prisoner.

Just imagine if your loved one was in prison. What would you say to them? Substitute their name with the name of the prisoners. Allah will reward you so much for your efforts.

Most of these people are in solitary confinement: That means they are in their cell 24/7. Imagine not knowing the time of day, fresh air, human contact, seeing light, etc. So, start appreciating the simpler things in life and don't take things for granted.

I'll post the links to them. If you want more info, please lemme know or PM.
You can email the letters to me and I'll forward them or you can mail them directly.


Write to:
Aafia Siddiqui
P.O. BOX 27137

Aafia's lawyers advise that when writing you do not discuss or solicit information regarding her case or the charges against her, her whereabouts or those of her children for the past five years. You can send photographs along with your letters but no packages.

You can send books, newspapers and magazines directly from the publishers (such as or Aafia has requested a daily newspaper and books on nature. If you want to ensure that she has not already received a copy of the item you wish to send then please email Sarah Kunstler at

If you prefer you can email messages of support for Aafia Siddiqui to

Please send any messages of support to her family to

He has such an amazing family, MashaAllah. They are SO strong and his brothers are REALLY sweet and kind. MashaAllah. You have NO idea... they're just amazing people and are so optimistic and Omar himself, is, too. His letters are really inspirational and full of patience. You'll make them smile as well as Omar.

Write to Omar Khadr:
Omar Khadr
Camp Delta
P.O. Box 160
Washington DC 20053

To Donate to his family:
Family of Omar Khadr
c/o Cageprisoners
PO Box 45798
SW16 4XS


Brother Tariq


Tarek Mehanna
ID#50660 Unit GE103
Plymouth County Correctional Facility
26 Longpond Road
Plymouth, MA 02360

or email them to or to me

Please include your return address, otherwise it will be thrown out by prison personnel.

Please do not write anything that can get them into trouble or anything personal or regarding their case. Just write things you'd tell a loved one.

Daniel Boyd and the NC 7:


Daniel P. Boyd (INMATE)
P.O. Box Drawer 388
Farmville, VA 23901

These are the names of the others arrested with him. Just replace
'Daniel P. Boyd' in the address above with whoever you wish to write to:

Zakariya Boyd

Dylan Boyd

Anes Subasic

***Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan [has been transferred, new address below]****

***Ziyad Yaghi [has been transferred, new address below]***

Hysen Sherifi

Please include your return address, otherwise it will be thrown out by prison personnel. Please
do not write anything that can get them into trouble or anything
personal or regarding their case. Just write things you'd tell a loved

Ziyad Yaghi:

(Ziyad Yaghi B/125)
P.O. Box 399
Lillington, NC 27546

Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan:

Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan
P.O. Box 399
Lillington, NC 27546

Please include your return address, otherwise it will be thrown out by prison personnel. Please do not write anything that can get them into trouble or anything personal or regarding their case. Just write things you'd tell a loved one.