Salaam 3alaikum Wa Ra7matullah Wa Barakathu,
Please take the time to write a simple letter to our dearest Brother Omar Ahmed Khadr. Eid is approaching so please take 10 minutes out of your life to write one to him. If you do end up writing one, please don't include personal information about him, you, his trial or anything of that matter. Just put in words of upliftment. Also, take a few minutes to read his letters to his Mom and Brother. They put tears to my eyes. Sub7anAllah.

If for any reason you cannot send it in via post, please let me know and I'll try my best to forward them. JazakAllah.

Wa 3alaikum Salaam,
Mujahid E Musafir

Write to Omar Ahmed Khadr:

Omar Khadr
Camp Delta
P.O. Box 160
Washington DC 20053

First Letter to his Mother, translated from Arabic though his first language is English:

To my dear mother,

Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

How are you, mother, and how is your health? I pray to Allah that you are in the best of circumstances and in good health. What is the news of my brothers and sisters and my father? I pray to Allah that you are all well.

Forgive me, O mother, for not having written letters to you all because I didn’t know your address. As I write to you, my hand is shaking; I don’t know if it’s due to happiness or sadness. Mother, in your next letter, write to me with news of my father and brothers and sisters and what is happening to them. I know that they are well but give me a few more details and also about Safiyya; I often see her in my dreams and Abdul Karim and the others occassionally. How are Zainab, Abdullah and Maryam?

Allah knows that I am longing for you all very much and I hope to see you all soon very soon if Allah wills. Don’t be sad for me. I am in good health; all praise is due to Allah. My injuries have improved and I am exercising and eating. All I lack is your company. When I was captured, in the first few days, I was asleep and I heard your voice; I got up and I couldn’t find you. I pray to Allah to write our reward for us. Make your intentions sincere for Him and do not be angry with what Allah has decreed. Everything happens by the decree of Allah and His divine foreordainment. We ask Allah to accept our supplications.

I ask all my brothers and sisters and friends to forgive me. Mother, know that man suffers for his faith and continues to suffer until he walks the earth free from sin, so be patient and hope for Allah’s reward in the hereafter. I will be released; there is no doubt about it. I pray to Allah for it to happen very soon.

How is Maryam? Does she have measles or a small tumour? I pray to Allah that she is well. How is your health, mother? Don’t be sad, Allah is with us and every believer. Be happy, because after night, there is always a new dawn and a brilliant sun for Islam and the Muslims.

O mother, be happy because I memorised the whole Qur’an in […]. I saw one of my uncle’s in my dream. He had a white face, it was illuminated and he was happy. Don’t forget me in your prayers. I never have and never will forget any of you in mine. Increase your obedience to Allah for no calamity befalls us except what Allah has written for us as well as that which is the result of our sins.

With love, my dear mother. Was-salaamu ‘alaikum and greetings for the last four Eids that have gone by.

Omar Ahmed Khdar, 18/6/2004

Second Letter to His Mother, translated from Arabic though his first language is English:

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Beneficent

To my dear, precious mother, who resides in the depths of my heart and will never leave it except if Allah wills.

I am writing to you after having received a letter from you and from Zainab this fortnight. […] Thank God for them, I used to get them nearly every week or twice a day. […] It had news of my father. I ask Allah to accept his good deeds and du’as and to grant him a place in the highest paradise. They showed me his picture and Karim’s maybe six months ago, all praise is due to Allah.

I exhort you to be patient but I know that you are as patient as a million mothers. I ask you to forgive me for not having written to you at first because I didn't know the address and now I know. O mother, I am patient and resigned to what my Lord Has destined for me and I was happy, all praise is due to Allah, that the last action with which he met Allah was martyrdom, that will help his sins to be forgiven if Allah wills.

What is new with all of you and how is the weather? If Allah wills, everything is fine. I told the boys about AbdurRahman's marriage and they were delighted for him. They congratulated him. I pray to Allah that when this letter reaches you they are living in the same house and that He blesses her and unites them in goodness. May He guide Abdul Rahman to be more religious through her.

How is your health, my dearest mother? If Allah wills, you are well and your morale is good to, if He wills. What is your news? Try to write and get everyone else to write me more letters. All praise is due to Allah, I receive them via the Red Cross.

There is only one week remaining until the blessed month of Ramadan starts. May Allah make it a month full of blessings for all of us and may He make us resolute in fasting and obeying Him and may He reunite us soon, if He wills.

As for me, mother, I am in good health; health is from Allah. My morale is very high and I am happy. I only lack Allah’s pleasure and may He reunite us soon if He wills. My health is good. I told you that I have finished […]. All praise is due to Allah. I also turned 18 on 19th September. I pray that Allah grants us long lives. May He make our conduct whole and sound and grant us a good end.

My health is good and all my injuries are normal. My eye is as it was before. I pray to Allah to set us free so we can treat it and alhamdulillah. I advise you, O my mother, to be patient and have taqwa as the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) said. Look after Karim and your brother's sons. You must advise them as you know of the problems in these countries. Don’t forget us in your prayers. I have not and I will never forget all of you and I will keep writing for as long as I can. Our last prayer is all praise is to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Was-salamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Omar Ahmed Khdar, 9/10/2004

Letter to his Brother: Abdul Rahman
in the neme of God

to my dear brothr how are you i hope you are good and in great health. and how is life hope evrything is good. and did you find a job hope soo and gangtatulation for you mariag i hope you have a happy life with her and hope to have lots of kids and raise them on the Islamic way and so you can have a happy life in this world before the hereafter and how is the weather back in Canada. I think it is getting cooler. Take good care of your self and don't give mom or grandma or paand have patience with them because they are old in age and visit home regularly and help Kareem so he can walk again. By the way what is your new address so I can write to you writing granma's address. And I wanted to ask you because my interrogator (HASOSE) told me that you sade that we rode horses with Usama's kids. You did you say that and this is not true. May God forgive you and write back soon and [censored] about my interrogator. He says hi and congratulations on the marriage. About me I am in good health and do a little exercise and eat good and feel good and I miss you very much and hope to see you soon so we can talk and eat and have fun and have a happy life in dear Canada and all my injuries are good and about my eye nothing new and by the way happy Eid and happy Ramadhan and give my greetings to everyboyd back in Canada and to write to me and not be lazy, even one letter is good from them, and dear Abdul Rahman fear God and know that He is looking at you all the time everything and memorise lots from the Quran and take care of yourself make good use of your time and don't forget me from your prayers and I wont. Take care

Love from your brother to Abdul-Rahman