Salaam Alaikum, this brother is amazing and very dear to me and everyone else that know him. Please take the time to read this and try to do something about it.

What can I do?
-Support his group and cause [Facebook needed]
-Write him a letter [see below for address]
-Write his mother a letter [PM them to me and I'll forward them]
-Donate to his cause or donate directly here
-Sign his petition
Please do something. And donate, even if it's just a dollar. Allah will reward you SO much.

Background [from his Mother]

Ziyad Yaghi is a 21 year old American Muslim of Palestinian descent who was born in Jordan after his parents left Upstate N.Y for a job over seas. Ziyad and his parents then came back to Upstate N.Y when he was about 2 years old. When Ziyad was about 3 years old, he moved to NC with his mom and brother.
Ziyad is known as a kind and gentle person by family, friends and colleagues. He is always giving money to the homeless and any one that asks him for money, Ziyad will give him or her the last dollar in his pocket.
The FBI and media have tried to depict my son as someone evil when in reality he's soft, gentle and caring. He sticks his neck out for his friends and is always helping people in need.
My son is a now a victim of the FBI's oppression.

About two years ago when Ziyad was only 19, him and his friend went overseas to his home country and from there, Ziyad and his friend also visited Egypt and had a wonderful time and then came back to the US. Soon after their trip overseas, the FBI was knocking on my door and asking me questions. When Ziyad and his friend came back, they were constantly harassed and watched by the FBI.
Before Ziyad and his friend went to Jordan they knew a specific person of interest to the FBI for a short while, then when they came back and had no contact with this person, the FBI continued to harass my son and his friend and they tried to pressure them to say something, even though Ziyad and his friend had nothing to say. Both boys insisted that they didn't know anything personal about the person the FBI were conducting an investigation on and couldn’t understand what the FBI was looking for!

Two years later, a simple fight broke between the boys and one of the friends of Ziyad The FBI made it sound so horrendous and tried to charge Ziyad and his friend with many things and threw them in jail. The FBI came once more to my door and asked me more questions and then one of them told me that he wants the boys in jail because he wants them to feel more pressured to tell them something about the individual the FBI have been inquiring about earlier. Again that same name was mentioned and the boys stayed in jail almost four months and when the FBI found that there is nothing against these boys that could prove what they were looking for, my son and his friend were released.

After two moths, when my son had cleaned the apartment for me and was about to cook, he went to the pool for a short swim, the FBI came with a swat team and arrested my son with new charges! The charges were so absurd! Ziyad and his friend were charged with conspiring to kill and maim people abroad! The FBI two days later came to my apartment to give me my son’s swimming shorts and told me that they think Ziyad knows something about the person they've been inquiring about from the beginning and that "Ziyad is not telling us and that he needs to cooperate with us!" Interestingly, one of the FBI officers told me and some of Ziyad’s friends that he it trying to get promoted. So can you see how the FBI works? Takes innocent people from their homes and throws them in jail for no wrong doing? Where is the justice here? Why would my son be taken away for no reason? I cannot explain the pain I've been feeling since July and I've been in deep depression crying all the time because of the injustice done to my son and many other Muslims in America.

We are a normal American family. This is outrageous! We are only being targeted because we are Muslims. We have done nothing wrong! Nothing wrong! Ziyad has a kind heart; he is someone that refuses to kill ants so how is he going to kill humans?

Please Support Ziyad and take a step in bringing an end to the Oppression done to my Son and many others. Silence is not an option in helping the oppressed, rather is it merely defeatism. We NEED to speak out and take ACTION to end these nightmares.

Yours respectfully,
Laila Yaghi

Please write him:

Ziyad Yaghi B/125
P.O. Box 399
Lillington, NC 27546