Glaciers have melted from too many tears
The sea that pretends it calmness
Deceives us when we get near
The pond in the backyard is color clear

The clouds have tossed from time to time
Uncomfortable with what is going on

Afar in the horizon the tears of mothers have gone
Blended with the soil to pass through the flowers as dew

The doves that used to gather at the center of town
Deserted us and flew
The eagle that used to soar perpendicularly with the sun rays at noon
Is ashamed to return

The wind that’s been carrying the wailing of the dead souls
Has reached its peak whistling and beating at every door
To awaken the dead conscious of the many

The ghosts, the unseen spirits, the jinn
Are outraged by the injustices of the US

And you Obama have not lifted a hand
From all the injustices that is going on in your land
The people have been oppressed under your rule
Their mother’s hearts have been ripped and undressed
The scene is surreal
Their voices are echoed beyond the hills
Their screams at night have caused the church bills
To quiver
And the lakes, the ponds and the rivers
To shiver

And yet Obama you have not lifted a hand

Does our soul come from a different creator?
A different species when we bleed we don’t feel?
Are our tears made from a different substance?
Or are our tears the same tears as human tears

Obama we have pleaded for you to stop the oppressors
To stop the shredding of mother’s hearts with scissors

Too many games are being played under your rule
Do not turn your head… take the time to listen
To the whispers of the oppressed

Sedentary one’s heart has become
From the burden and blows of life

Life could just be a dream of the dead

Reincarnated faces walk with all their might
Hitler, Stalin coming back to life
In the form of …the FBI
New faces come to replace the old

With the same….substance

©Laila Yaghi©