After thinking for over two years about what is happening to my son, me, and a lot of innocent people in the same situation, I concluded that there are a lot of people in positions of power who are simply evil.

It began when a SWAT team arrested my son on July 27, 2009, for a simple trip he took overseas. Everything that happened, including the arrest, was all preplanned.

Everything prior to the arrest until this day has been preplanned by the FBI, the media, and who ever works at the top.

A SWAT team came to arrest my son who was an innocent young man swimming at the pool in our apartment complex. At the time, he was contemplating which college to go to.

Now you might ask, why a SWAT team would come for an unarmed young man! But because everything was pre-staged, even the media also (who is in on it) portrayed it in a way that will send shivers down your spine to create a scare for an audience of uninformed people.

People who have never learned from their past mistakes like the Red Scare that created fear in the hearts of all Americans to justify the evil things the government had done.

Now it is a different scare that they are using; the Muslim scare, i.e. Islamophobia!

This young man, Ziyad, my son went overseas to get married and to visit family members and was accused of material support and conspiring to kill and maim people abroad! Just think, this young man has family members living in Jordan and Jordan is one of the most peaceful countries. Further, Jordanians do not practice or support Jihad!

If you think a little bit more, why would a person suspected of committing a terrorist act or Jihad, come back to the US and resume a normal life? This in fact shows you how things are pre-staged, and how the FBI desperately wants to convince people that these young men, my son and his codefendants, are in fact guilty. So the FBI went ahead and arrested an acquaintance of my son, a young man who is illegally in America, scared him and threatened to deport him, then paid him to write lies against some of these accused young men.

To make it worse also for the defendants, the trial was set in September to remind people of September 11th. As if this is not enough, because these young men are innocent, it was decided to accuse a young man named Jude of coming to the US to commit an act of terrorism on US cities! Jude is no more than 22 years old. He is overseas and the FBI is looking for him yet he was supposed to miraculously come back to the US, mind you at the time of the trial, knowing that he will be arrested if he comes back to the US in spite of all the heightened security, to do an act of terrorism!

These ugly lies that have been created by the FBI have destroyed innocent lives! I wonder how these people can sleep at night! I wonder how some people will destroy innocent lives just so they can get paid!

I began to learn of the ugly reality of human greed at an early age and saw how many people will do so much harm and damage to others just for money! But I never imagined that my own country would betray my son and me. But since money is the root of all evil, evil seems to always prevail.
-Laila Yaghi

Additional Info:

Trial Set to Begin September 19th, 2011